Abloy Padlocks- An Introduction
Abloy Padlocks are used extensively throughout the world by commercial, industrial and governmental end users to provide the most effective protection for any given application and environment. The Abloy Padlock range offers padlocks suitable for any security requirements, from the basic PL320 and PL321 models for lockers and tool boxes through to the PL350 and PL362 for maximum security applications, including military use.

Abloy padlocks set the standard for all padlock ranges globally. They offer maximum security and excellent longevity; maintaining performance and durability for decades.

Abloy Padlocks- Insurance Approved Padlocks
The Abloy padlock range offers padlocks to meet a number of the British Standard and CEN Insurance ratings from grade 3 to grade 6.

The Abloy PL330 and PL341 padlocks are rated to CEN and BS EN12320 grade 3. The Abloy PL340 and PL342 padlocks are rated to CEN and BS EN12320 grade 4. The PL350 padlocks are rated to CEN and BS EN12320 grade 5 and the PL362 is rated to CEN and BS EN12320 grade 6.

Abloy Key Mechanisms
Abloy Sentry 
Ideal for industrial applications, Abloy designed the SENTRY key mechanism as a solution for public, commercial and manufacturing environments. Wherever a maximum security lock with high resistance against wearing is required, ABLOY SENTRY, a cylinder system protected by worldwide patents until 2027 is the perfect answer.
Designed to be used across typical industrial locking products the ABLOY SENTRY mechanism is available on padlocks, cam locks and cabinet locks. All Abloy Sentry locks can be keyed to operate under a single master key. This means you can have padlocks, cam lock and cabinet locks all working under one key.
ABLOY SENTRY is a patented cylinder system for industrial applications such as professional end users and original equipment manufacturers. It is ideal for locking systems which only consist of cam locks, cabinet locks, or padlocks.

Abloy Protec2
In PROTEC2, Abloy have reached the latest revolution in the progress of Abloy’s own unique rotating disc cylinder keying systems.
Abloy cylinders, padlocks, cabinet locks and cam locks and other locking products can all be keyed alike or keyed into the same master key system within a Protec2 system, meaning all of these locks can be operated by just one key. 
PROTEC2, which has worldwide patent protection valid until 2031, offers 1.97 billion different key combinations allowing us to deliver far-reaching master key systems to match varying customer requirements.
Smooth and reliable functionality is at the heart of the Protec2 design providing excellent operation even in the most extreme environments.